Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering

Adding your business name, location, contact details and website address to your car fleet with cut vinyl lettering is a great way to advertise your brand in Australia. You can also use custom vinyl lettering in plenty of other places to let people know what you do and to direct customers to your door or online shop. Many stores, restaurants and bars use vinyl lettering, which is an inexpensive, yet professional way to add essential information to their front entrances or windows. The information conveyed using vinyl lettering may include your business name, phone number, operating hours, specials, sales, a company slogan, a way to direct potential customers to different areas of your online or real-time store, or other details pertinent to your business activities.

What is Vinyl Lettering?

Vinyl lettering is individually cut characters and numbers (not printed) from premium quality, durable metallic, black, white or coloured vinyl. The lettering is self-adhesive, pre-spaced and applied simultaneously using an application tape layer that holds them in position. Once the vinyl lettering is applied, there is no background or transparent regions between the characters. A tape layer is used to direct and hold the cut letters in position during application.

Your signage experts at Glenbrae Signs can tailor your vinyl lettering in the colours, sizes and fonts of your choice. Our custom vinyl lettering is made from the best quality materials and at competitive prices. These individually cut letters can be pressed directly onto a clean, smooth wall or any flat surface. Vinyl lettering is not the same as stickers or decals with transparent film around the characters. This type of lettering is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and will withstand the heat of the sun, heavy rain and wind without fading or cracking, and you can clean them.

Can Vinyl Lettering Be Used to Make Signs?

You can make a sign out of almost anything with vinyl lettering; all you need is imagination and a good signage company. You can turn refrigerators, mirrors, or metal panels into signs for your business. However, there’s one area where vinyl lettering really shines brightly, and that’s honour boards, which were once the domain of highly trained signwriters. We do have very highly trained and experienced signwriters at Glenbrae, but these days metallic gold vinyl lettering is preferred by customers who want honour board lettering because of the ease in which it can be installed and the lower costs. We do a range of metallic finishes apart from gold, silver, and bronze. We also provide lettering in matte black and white and a broad range of colours. So get creative. For instance, if you own a shop that sells chainsaws, you could have a plaque made from a blade that says ‘For a cut above the rest’.

Vinyl Lettering

Why Should I Use Vinyl Lettering?

Vinyl lettering signs are the perfect way to display your marketing message. At Glenbrae Signs, we can use an unlimited variety of colours, fonts and sizes for your custom vinyl lettering project for a highly professional look. You can choose a smooth, matte finish on your vinyl lettering, but no matter what you decide upon, it will command much attention. We specialise in designing and creating the highest quality, eye-catching custom vinyl lettering in a mix of durability and technical brilliance for all your business and personal needs. The personalised vinyl lettering services we offer at Glenbrae Signs enables you to select the design that best suits your purposes without compromising on quality. Vinyl lettering is a fabulous choice for use on:

  • Jet Skis
  • Boats
  • Kayaks and snowmobiles
  • Racing cars and hotrods,
  • Trucks, SUVs, vans, company cars and other vehicles
  • Storefronts, windows, mirrors, glass, walls
  • Almost any other clean and smooth surface

How Long Does Vinyl Lettering Last?

The most commonly used cut vinyl lettering lasts from three to five years. However, the more expensive types can last up to eight years. Vinyl’s durability is the reason this lettering is now used much more often than sign painting. For years, the durability of vinyl lettering has been tested against peeling and fading. Most signage companies use two grades of vinyl for their lettering. The most common lettering performs well under most conditions, but if your project is for a Melbourne shop front window, vehicle or boat lettering, the best option is the more expensive, longer-lasting vinyl.

Glenbrae Signs installs vinyl lettering Melbourne-wide, so if you have a big idea you’d like to run by our team, call us direct on (03)9761 9999, check us out on Facebook or fill in the convenient online form to send us an email.