What Business Signage Do I Need?

Business Signage

If you’re running a business or planning a shop or startup, it goes without saying that you need to consider your advertising and how you will market your store, product or service through signage. It’s a well-known fact that signs that command attention whether on the shopfront or other locations, will draw customers and clients to a business and help it stand out from the rest. Also, people who are familiar with a businesses’ signage are more likely to buy or access services from them. Providing your shop or business signs are professionally designed, they plant a seed through signage in the public’s mind. Excellent signage by experts such as Glenbrae Signs is the best way to ensure future sales, no matter the stage your business is at, its size, or the kind of product or service you are providing. Effective signage equals profits in anyone’s language.


With over 100 years of collective experience in the signage industry, our dedicated team of signwriters, designers and production staff comprise a one-stop shop for signage and custom graphics.

Glenbrae Signs, founded in Melbourne by traditional Signwriter Garry Milne in 1988, has always strived to help businesses put their best foot forward, whether local or interstate.


Business Signage

Business Branding and Visibility

Signage is all about your branding, so your business name, brand colours, an original, eye-catching logo and the product or service you provide should all be evident and consistent across social media, your website, and stationery. Think of your signage as 24-hour sales representatives working tirelessly during operating hours but also while you sleep, play golf or relax at home. Your shopfront or business signs work; rain, hail or shine.  Eye-catching signage exposes your business or shop to the public and your future customers, which helps to build a strong brand. There are many different options for signage advertising that will make the best use of many different spaces. Glenbrae Signs products range from building signage to site signage and fleet and vehicle signage. Your outdoor signage is the first impression potential customers will have, so a brilliant outdoor advertising sign can promote your business and add to the feel and the style of your premises and this enhances your branding.


At Glenbrae Signs, our Melbourne design team ensures the aesthetics complement the sign’s surrounds, while still achieving the signage objective –

We have a vast array of resources including stock images, on-trend fonts and graphics to best assist a free-flying design process, resulting in effective advertising signs for any shop, shopfront or business.


Business Signage

Signage for Differentiation and Functionality

Maximum contrast and intense, vibrant colours are crucial to prominent signage. The whole world recognises McDonald’s with its bright red and yellow, and Coca Cola’s red and white colours. A unique brand sets your business apart from your competitors, and professional signage helps accomplish this objective. The more original and outstanding your signage, the more your business will become well known – a household name is what to aim for – and customers will be attracted.  Potential customers would rather buy products from a business or shop they know rather than one they’ve never heard about. Your professional signage fills a functional role as well by directing more customers to your business or shopfront and informing them of any future events or promotions.

An essential part of our sign design at Glenbrae Signs process is consultation. We work hard to understand what your sign has to do to improve your business success. Whether it’s a directional, location, or promotion sign, we make sure we get the design just right. We use the latest technology and equipment, and we have a firm commitment to the future of signwriting, continually creating innovative solutions for any budget. Feel free to give us a call or stop by for a chat in our Melbourne premises at 81-83 Canterbury Rd, Kilsyth Victoria. Follow us on Facebook, email info@glenbraesigns.com.au, fill in an online form or call us on +61 3 9761 9999 today.